Hitler's Leadership Characteristics

Hitler’s Leadership Characteristics:
  • Powerful: People listened to him. Not many people went against him because they were afraid that something would happen to them or their families.
  • Demanding: He wanted what he wanted and wasn’t going to change his beliefs for anything or anyone. He thought that he had all the power in the world and that’s what he was trying to gain.
  • Reliant: He relied on his troops to carry out his plans.
  • Controlling: He wanted others to do things for him and made them do what he told them to.
  • Goal Setter: He set goals for himself and the Nazis. Even though some of these were very far fetched, he did set them and that is a positive characteristic of a leader.
  • Judgmental: He believed all who weren’t Aryan were not needed. Not even knowing people he based his thoughts on looks and heritage.
  • Confidence: He had a lot of confidence thinking that he could achieve his goals. Although in the end his confidencee was overturned, he did have it which is a good characteristic of a leader.
Although it is good to have some of these leadership traits, as you can tell mixing them all together does not result in a good outcome.