Hitler's Ultimate Goals

Hitler’s Goals:
  • To have a perfect Aryan race
    • blonde hair
    • blue eyes
    • Coming from a German inheritance
  • to have all Jews removed from society
    • he believed that the Jews goal was world domination and that was getting in the way of Hitler’s Aryan plan
    • it was also believed the Jews had a part in the killing of Christ
    • he also believed that they were the reason that Germany lost WWI
  • Eventually Hitler wanted to kill all Jews, Gypsies, African Americans, handicapped and the mentally ill.
    • this plan was known as the Final Solution
  • an empire ruled by Hitler
    • Hitler to seize control of Europe and later the world
What if Hitler succeeded?
  • no one would feel safe- we would always feel like he was going to do the same thing to us as he did to the Jews
  • people would be moving and moving to different countries where they thought they would be able to live a safe life
  • We would be afraid and wouldn't be able to trust leaders for the fear that they would get power hungry like Hitler
  • Germany and Europe may have the Aryan race Hitler hoped for